The Missions
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Mission Year Platform Notes      
The Docks Gold 1999 Thief I / II        
Shunned : Fistral's Story 1999 Thief I        
Hammerhead : Return to the Docks 2000 Thief I        
Willow Island 2001 Thief II        
The Turtle on it's Back 2001 Thief II        
T2X : Shadows of the Metal Age 2005 Thief II Out Now!    

Thief Curiosities

You have drunkenly hopped the wall of the Old Quarter in search of some holy sword type thing. Really a demo mission of leftovers and other bits. Features a vehicle of sorts, unused models, a Church from CotT, a working clock and the Thief II clockwork eye/frog bomb combo...
Thief I only
474K Thiefloader Ready

The Alarus Extension - Revealed!
Yes, finally we are allowed a glimpse beyond the tantalising pile of rubble...
Thief I Only
630k Thiefloader ready

Rainy night, Eastside.
Stormy rain atmosphere demo
Thief I Only
132k Load using DromEd

Dromed Utilities

Custom Menu System (Thief II) v1.2 w/ EAX
This small file will add easier access to the functionality of the Dromed Editor. Simply replace the original menus.cfg in the Dromed folder with the new one (back up the original if you're the careful type). It adds access to useful commands in the 'misc' menu (ie. Light bright, pathfinding displays, editor cam, etc) and Easy access to the Thief II texture families. No more having to remember arcane texture names!

By Gonchong & Rob $ Caminos 3k

Links for Taffers

T2X - Shadows of the Metal Age
A thirteen mission Thief II Add-on pack, released in 2005 to rave reviews!

The Circle of Stone & Shadow
A Resource for all things Thief. Mission downloads available

Thief Underground
A News and Editing Site. Also contains a Gonchong author showcase!