Shunned: Fistral's Story

Fistral's experiments with other worlds went too far this time. He has expired but in his house something lives... Of course this is all hearsay and of no interest to a thief who just has a job to retreive a book, a certain Necronomicon. And of course it's of no concern that a party of Hammerites disapeared into the house three months earlier with cleansing on their mind and a ton of explosives in their wagon. You'll come back after all...

Featuring new monsters, music and a polymorphic level design,
Shunned will take Garrett to the edge, and beyond.
Rated 8 Hammers By Thief-The Circle.Com

Now with EAX sound support and Mission Briefing movie!

Download from the TTLG site:

4.9mb. Thiefloader Ready.
A Thief 1 Mission

Read the chilling Shunned Walkthrough


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