"I'm in deep now. I retrieved the Horn Of Chaos from the Hammer compound just four days ago. It seems like an age now. The job went well: guards, traps, gates - nothing I can't handle. After getting the horn home and preparing to fence it I hear word on the street is that the Hammers are furious - and scared. That horn must be more than a mere trinket to them and it will be impossible to fence it off now in the City.
Time to leave. I've got a trustworthy Southdock contact, Fleur, who can arrange passage for me to a place called Willow Island - home to some wealthy -and discreet- art collectors. I'm leaving tonight... I can't stay any longer as the Hammers are breaking down the door of anyone they suspect of this crime - and heads are rolling. Fleur's house isn't too far away but I'll have to watch out for Hammer patrols - I'm a known thief and sure to be next on their list."



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