Dracula the game


A Gothic horror adventure

"Welcome to my home. Come freely go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring." - Count Dracula


From the link below you can download my new game, "Dracula - Prince of Darkness" This gothic horror adventure is Free!

"Dracula - Prince of Darkness" is an Interactive Fiction (IF) game. A Text based adventure story. You are the hero in an interactive environment where objects can be manipulated to solve puzzles. A game that relies on your mental prowess and imagination to compleat. The game is designed much like a novel with a detailed background and an interesting gothic story line, but a novel where you are free to walk around and explore, a novel whose characters you can talk to, as you type in commands to guide the action and read the descriptions of what happened on the screen. The game uses a powerful phraser to understand full sentence input from the player.

To create a world of magic, mystery and horror "Dracula - Prince of Darkness" has taken over 10,500 lines of computer code to write, and takes about a week to play. To help you on your quest the game includes a command to save and restore your state of play at any point within the game. In the game's menu you will also find the complete short story "Dracula's Guest" by Bram Stoker.


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From "Dracula - Prince of Darkness"

"Come fly with me from safe harbor to stranger shores. Come now, as light thickens, and the crow makes wing to rookery wood, Tempests rise as great bloody hands to tear down our safe, homely lives. Come with me on dragon wings to wicked woods, where night's black agents to their preys do rouse. You have traveled through a long forgotten valley, cut deep into the Carpathian Mountains. This is Transylvania. An ancient land of mystery and superstition. A cold, freezing cold mist fills this bleak landscape. Swollen, wrath filled clouds rumble ominously above Hag-ridden magic, and enchanted forest. The melancholy days are come, the saddest of the year, of wailing winds and naked woods. From somewhere deep in the forest you hear the Howling of the wolves."

When you start the play the game you find yourself standing in an open field...Before you is the ruined abbey and whole seaside town of Whitby to explore.

My aim for this game was to create an interactive Ghost-train ride, garnished with references to the classic Universal and Hammer horror movies. I have tried to include some genuinely shocking horror and as such the games may not be suitable for the easily offended. This is an adult games with dark themes that may even horrify you. If you care not to submit your nerves to such a shock, do not proceed with the download.

"Dracula - Prince of Darkness" is an expanded version of my game "House of the midnight Sun" Itself based on my earlier game, "Castle Dracula" written in 1983. All these games are still available from this web site. The name changes are to more clearly signpost what the game is about. I still like "House of the midnight Sun" but can you instantly tell what the theme of the game is? "Dracula Horror in Whitby" Is the title of the CD version for sale in Whitby and Scarbrough.

The art work here were some preliminary art I did for the CD release of the "Dracula Horror in Whitby" version. This may be available in the seaside town next year. There has been a pirated version of this and "Ghost Train" available on Ebay in the US for only $16.


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By downloading "Dracula - Prince of Darkness" you will end up with a Zipped file containing the program; Dracula Z8 This is the inform game.

Not much use on its own.

To play this game you need the interpreter this is the program that plays Inform game files on your PC Mac or PDA. Good news this too is free, and can be downloaded at the link below. The reason the game comes in two parts allows you to play these games on a wide range of computers other than a PC. 'IF' games are partially suited to PDAs. From this link you will find many different Inform interpreters. I have also provided a link to hundreds of other Inform game files. (An inform game file is either a Z5 or Z8 file.)

The game file for "Dracula - Prince of Darkness" is: Release No.03 This the second non Beta release of the game. This release now includes an introduction by Scott Adams.

Thank you for downloading and playing my game.

I hope you enjoy your stay at 'Castle Dracula,' and leave with a few pleasant chills.




FREE! " Dracula - Prince of Darkness"- Download the game file by clicking here (the file is so small ot is not in a zip file.)

FREE! " Dracula - Prince of Darkness"- Download the game file and a windows interpreter in one zipped file by clicking here.

FREE! To download an Inform interpreter for windows click here.

FREE! To download an Inform interpreter for another type of computer click here.

FREE! To download other Zcode (Inform) games click here.

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Paul Johnson 28th September 2014.