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You may download the source for Zebedee and the libraries on which it depends. There is also a binary distribution for Windows and Linux.

You do not have to register to use Zebedee but I'd appreciate hearing about it if you like it. If you want to keep up to date with things then join the mailing list.

For details on the latest development version see below.

All source and binary files can also be downloaded from Sourceforge.

Stable Version: Release 2.4.1A (6 September 2005)

The previous stable version of Zebedee (2.4.1) has been in use for well over two years. Version 2.4.1A contains a minor security fix for a possible “denial of service” attack as well as upgrading the versions of the libraries used. There are no other changes. You can read the manual for complete details of its features.

There is also a new development version, which is described below.

Zebedee core source

There is also a patch for the 2.4.1 source.

Required libraries

Windows binaries (95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP)

The installer for the Windows binaries was created with Jordan Russell's InnoSetup program.

Development Version: 2.5.3 (06 September 2005)

The latest development version is now available. The term “development” is probably a little misleading. The previous version has been in use by many people for a couple of years and was fairly stable. The latest version fixes the main known bugs, atlhough some surely remain.

There is a Windows binary version distribution (zbd253setup.exe), and the basic soure distribution (zebedee-2.5.3.tar.gz), both hosted at Sourceforge.

Major changes over version 2.4.1 in this release include:

New message integrity checking keywords (checksumlevel and minchecksumlevel) have been added. These give assurance that messages have not been tampered with in transit. Also the keywords dropunknownprotocol and lockprotocol help enforce the use of these features, if required. These are all derived from patches submitted by Henrick Lund. Great work Henrick!

Added the ability to hand the peer address, target address and target port to key generation commands (add a “+” to the end of the command to get three extra arguments provided). See keygencommand and sharedkeygencommand for further details.

Added httpproxyauth to allow basic authentication to be used with proxies that require it. Thanks to James CE Johnson.

Added runasuser to allow Zebedee to switch away from running as root. Thanks to Thomas Melzer.

The target specification has been extended to allow per-target client identity and address checking. The identity checking was originally submitted by Alain Turbide and address checking by Henrik Lund (again!).

The “reverse-mode” operation, where the server initiates connections back to the client, has been signigicantly enhanced. Several keywords have been added to control this. These are acceptconnecttimeout (which supersedes connecttimeout), connectattempts, serverconnecttimeout and targetconnecttimeout.

There is also a new maxconnections keyword to alleviate certain kinds of “denial of service” attack.

Other implementations

Zebedee in Java: jzbd

I have produced a version of Zebedee in Java (known as jzbd). This is beta quality software. It contains a subset of the features found in version 2.4. You can check it out at Sourceforge.

Zebedee in Ruby: rzbd

A version of Zebedee in the Ruby scripting language has also been produced. You can find that here.