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Please come and meet my boys and girls ...

My British SH Cats British Shorthair

These are my British boys who are at stud:

    • Grand Champion Sheephouse Harrison
      Lilac Self, "Harrison"

    • TICA Champion Catbalu Kulfi
      Cream Self (Lilac based Cinnamon carrier), "Kulfi"

    • TICA Supreme Grand Champion & GCCF Champion Catbalu Chianti Classico
      Chocolate Classic Tabby, "Chianti"

    • Catbalu Versace
      Lilac & White Bi-Colour (Cinnamon carrier), "Archie"

    • Catbalu Owzat
      Cinnamon & White Bi-Colour, "Howie"

    • TICA Champion Catbalu Hot Toddy
      Cinnamon Golden Shaded, "Tod"

    • TICA Double Grand Champion Catbalu Heir Apparent
      Chocolate & White Bi-Colour, "Bruno"

My Selkirk RexSelkirk Rex

These are my Selkirk Rex boys who are at stud:

    • TICA Quad Grand Champion Catbalu Creme-Royale
      Cream Heterozygous SH (Cinnamon carrier), "Roy"

    • Catbalu Cookie Dough
      Fawn Colourpoint & White Heterozygous SH, "Cookie"

My Scottish FoldsScottish Fold

And my Scottish Fold boy who is at stud:

    • TICA Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Ticatbalu Glen Fiddich
      Cream/White (Cinnamon carrier), "Glen"

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