Aviva Parallel Success Coach and Athlete Talent Introduction Days (North)


An invite to the Aviva Parallel Success Coach and Athlete Talent Introduction Days.
With the GB Athletics team having a successful Paralympics there has been a rise in coaches
wanting to coach disabled athletes. A number of coaches have commented that they were
amazed by the talent we have in Britain and they were also amazed at how many medals the
team won. It has been a great inspiration to us all and the desire for a great legacy has
increased by a vast amount.  
This year we have a number of great workshops for Coaches including Adapting Physical
Preparation Activities for Physically Disabled Athletes, classification workshops and a ‘Learn
to Run’ workshop from Limbpower. This particular workshop is aimed at leg amputees and
will provide information and practical experience for coaches and athletes.
During each of these days there will also be an informal throws workshop for coaches and
their athletes. This workshop doesn’t need to be booked but if you are wanting to attend
please register your athlete by using the Athlete invitation letter attached in this email.
Coaches are invited to all 3 Coach and Athlete Talent ID Days so please feel free to tick all of
the boxes. Also if you are attending the 28th October session please return your form as
soon as possible. A plan of the day will be sent to all registered coaches prior to the date in
Many thanks and hope to see you there!
Shelley Holroyd
Disability Athletics Support Officer - North
England Athletics Ltd
M 07912 070 625
E sholroyd@englandathletics.org






We are writing to you so that you are amongst the first to hear to fantastic news in relation to the Coach Development and Education Structure in the UK.

UKA and England Athletics have this week launched the new Event Group Modules, so that eligible coaches can now further progress their own development opportunities within athletics.

And to celebrate the unique opportunities afforded the sport in hosting a Home Olympic and Paralympic Games, we have decided to underwrite the costs for eligible coaches to study the qualification until May 2013.

This means the new Coach Education Modules covering Event Groups are free of charge for the next 12 months.

Now, coaches in the UK can continue to access the best possible resource and information on uCoach - the website dedicated to coaching content and resource www.uka.org.uk/coaching - as well as the online education qualification simply in exchange for providing us with ongoing feedback on the new modules.

The Event Group modules are the latest part of the restructure in coach education, comprising the collective knowledge of the country's best coaching talent into up to 30 areas of study and assessment.

UKA and England Athletics are proud to be able to offer this part of the coach education structure free of charge - something not many sports will be in a position to do. With athletics playing such a vital part in the Olympic and Paralympics, it is an ideal opportunity for us to build on the legacy of the Games.

Any coach who has achieved the athletics coach qualification in the current structure or is a minimum level 2 coach under the previous structure is eligible to study these modules.

So if you want to be amongst the first to start viewing the new modules and work your way towards the Event Group Qualification, or even just to find out more information, then follow this link http://coaching.uka.org.uk/video/coaching-qualifications-update-april-2012/

We hope you enjoy working through the Event Group Modules, and we look forward to receiving your valuable feedback

Kevin Tyler

UKAStrategic Head of Coaching and Development

Richard Wheater

England Athletics

Head of Coaching



UK Athletics Children’s Coach Award


England Athletics have now launched the CHILDREN’S COACH qualification which is the progression from the Coaching Assistant (or previous level 1).   We have now got a flyer for anyone who may be interested in the course and have minimum of one per region coming up from Sept.  Please book on to avoid missing out and if you have any queries please get in touch and I will assist where I can.


Young children should develop athleticism in an environment that is child-centred; safe, enjoyable, inclusive, well organised, with activities that are appropriate to their developmental stage and needs and that will enhance their overall health and well-being. UKA Children’s Coaches should engage children in fun activities that have the clear purpose of developing techniques and skills, primarily within a multi-skill and multi-event environment. Children should be motivated in athletics by actively participating in developmentally appropriate challenges that are structured to make use of competition in an effective and balanced manner

Aim of the Award

On successful completion of the award, coaches should be able to plan, deliver and review a coaching programme for children that:

·         develops fundamental, athletic movement skills suitable for children aged 8 to 12 years old
·         provides engaging and enjoyable activities
·         maximises involvement
·         is more focused on long-term development than short-term performance

Programme – 3 days input + 1 day assessment

Cost - £325 affiliated cost ( £365 for all others)

We are looking for people to become Children’s Coaches who:

·         are at least 18 years of age
·         can demonstrate some coaching experience eg minimum of 3 months as a Coaching Assistant Ideally this experience should be in working with children in the 8-12 years age range.

It is useful for potential candidates to consider to what extent they:

*work within, or have access to, a club or school with children who have ‘signed up’ to a programme or sessions where they can develop running, jumping and  throwing skills *have access to the minimum facilities and equipment for the duration of the programme: eg a large, well lit, safe indoor or outdoor area in the summer /sports hall?  Do they have access to: mats, cones, ladders, mini hurdles, variety of throwing implements? * 


Coaches are required to:

·         sign up to UKAs’ terms & conditions of being a Coach
·         provide a passport photograph and payment
·         have had the appropriate police records check
·         Hold a Level 1 or Coaching Assistant license and 3 months operational experience in the role
·         complete specific pre-course study

Award Content

Athletics Specific

1.      Running, jumping, throwing development
2.       Activities – purpose, value and role / function
3.       Specific athletic tools / resources that can help them and guidance on how to use e.g. how to assess
child’s achievements / progress
4.       Role and responsibility of a UKA Children’s Coach and how deployed
5.       Relevance of technical information at this level
6.       Principles of warm up and cool down – stretching
7.       UKA Athlete Development Model
8.       Participation / competition balance and how to use competitions to the best effect
9.       Personal development opportunities and how to access CPD

Coaching Process and Child Development

1.      Child growth / development – as it relates to athlete development and coaching
2.       The coaching process: plan, do, review
3.       Planning and programming
4.       Balance, coordination, agility, speed
5.       Key health messages
a.       Active lifestyle
b.      Positive youth development (5 C’s)
6.       How children learn best
7.       Skill acquisition and development
8.       Promote positive behaviour and development
9.       Motivation
10.   Health and safety and risks: assess and monitor
11.   Equality, inclusion & differentiation
12.   Coaching methods – tell, ask, show, peer coaching, set up and stand back
13.   Reasons for children’s participation in sport and athletics
14.   Appropriate language

I have attached an application form for your assistance and if you are concerned over places please contact me.

Many thanks

Debbie Beresford
Education Coordinator
England Athletics – North
Eastlands (Formally Sportcity), Gate 13 Rowsley Street, Manchester, M11 3FF

M: 07920 532552
Email: dberesford@englandathletics.org





Education & Training Coach Licence Application here

Coaching and Leadership Courses information poster.

North Area Coaching Courses 2011 Course flyer here


The Foundation can help with course costs for coaches who agree to volunteer some time within their club, local school or community organisation. By becoming a member of the Foundation you will receive great support and networking opportunities.  So please look into this as it may help you.