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Intro to Tcl




Tcl and Tk

If you’ve never heard of Tcl and Tk you might like to read this brief introduction. If you do know all about it then I hope you find something vaguely interesting or useful here!

Just for fun ...

While I use Tcl for a number of things at work I can’t — for the usual contractual reasons — share a lot of that here. So, here’s some stuff that I’ve written for my own amusement.


Mini Hexplode imageHexplode is a game of strategy for one or more players. If you have the Tcl Plugin installed you can play it on-line or you can download the source and play the (more fully-featured) stand-alone version.


Harmony simulates a twin-elliptical pendulum harmonograph. What’s that? Well, basically a machine for generating interesting patterns. Have try ... you’ll be hooked ...

Useful Links

Here’s some useful Tcl-related links:

Last updated 1999/10/22