Artwork by Ashley Brayson

Contact me: - 01788 551004

Since 1998 I have painted many different surfaces from jackets to motorcycles but I have decided to translate my style of work to canvas and other surfaces to be displayed on the wall. I hope to produce portraits of people and animals in a very colourful way and perhaps inject some humour into my work at the same time. All of my paintings are produced using acrylics using both brush and airbrush technique. For years I have been very interested in photography which goes hand in hand with my painting. I now try and use my own photographs extensively for reference pictures so that I am in full control of subject matter and ultimately picture quality. An artistic subject close to my heart for some reason is that of the dog. I intend to convey this in some of my canvas art and working from my own photographs gives me a great buzz. During the painting process I usually photograph the various stages and put them together is a slide show. Some of the artworks are therefore accompanied by a video showing how that particular piece was created. I also write equipment reviews for the Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics Magazine shown below and have had articles published in several magazines over the years.

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